Ashley Goes to D.C. Part 2

Day 3: July 4

We traveled into Georgetown for the day. I had this on my list of places to go. Loved it there!

   Loved seeing all the historic buildings and garden entrances to homes.

 Farmers Fishers Bakers was my absolute favorite place we ate at through the whole trip! It was beyond delicious!
  They brewed sweet tea just for us! It was great!

  They had a brunch buffet going. Rob and I literally didn’t know what to do with ourselves when we saw how much food they had. It was all amazing. I ate everything on my plate AND went back for a second helping. We may have embarrassed Cody and Tori a little bit. 🙂

 More beautiful buildings/homes. Loved this blue ceiling on the porch! I’ve read on Pinterest that this was a southern tradition. The blue ceiling kept away bugs and supposedly evil spirits.
  Very American.  Had to drive though China Town on our way back.

 We went to Bolling Air Force Base, which is where Cody (Rob’s college friend) works to celebrate the 4th that night. We had a great view of the water and the fireworks show.



 Day 4: July 5

For our last full day in D.C. we quickly visited the monuments we didn’t catch on our first day there.

Lincoln Memorial


Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Washington Monument.


We ate lunch at Matchbox. Best. Pizza. Ever.

And of course, dessert at Ice Cream Jubilee in the Navy Yard. We decided that even though we ate dessert with every meal, all those calories were canceled out with all the walking we did every day. 😉

We HAD to go to a baseball game at Nats Stadium! Awesome atmosphere.

 And finally, our last meal, was at Ted’s Bulletin. Great food. Very vintage, 20’s type feel.

Cheeseburger hit the spot.

They serve breakfast all day!

Home made pop tarts.

Superb milkshakes. Definitely had to walk this one off.

Day 5: July 6

We flew out around lunch. Snapped this on the way out. Until next time, D.C.
Snacks and reading on the flight back.

Can I just say that I would move to D.C. in a heartbeat! Or any of the surrounding cities that we visited. We had a wonderful trip thanks to Cody and Tori. They took us everywhere we wanted to go and more! Now, who wants to go back with me, like really soon?!



Ashley Goes to D.C. Part 1

My boyfriend, Rob, and I went to DC for the 4th of July weekend! We stayed with a good friend of Rob’s from college and his wife. They were the best hosts and tour guides! We had a great time thanks to them! Okay, get ready for picture overload.

Day 1: Thursday, July 2

Got this photo of our flight in. So pretty

We got into D. C. about 9:00 their time (very early flight!) so we had a full day to sight see! We went straight to Capitol Hill. 

Love these buildings!

Library of Congress.

Supreme Court Building. 

The Capitol dome during reconstruction.

Had to make a pit stop to eat. Wonderful hot dogs and corn dogs at DC-3. I forgot to take pics of our food before scarfed it down. 

Have to have dessert. Great doughnuts at District Doughnut!

Yummy Strawberry!


We drove into Alexandria, Virginia for dinner. We ate at a lovely Italian place that Cody and Tori, our hosts, eat at quite a bit called Rosemarino d’ Italia. It was great! Loved the atmosphere of this town!

Yummy Chicken Carbonara

Fantastic spaghetti and meatballs

Day 2: Friday, July 3

We drove to Annapolis, Maryland. It was absolutely beautiful! Would love to live there!

View from the World War II memorial.

So festive for the 4th!

Great view of the Chesapeake Bay.

We also checked out the Navy base.

Got an up close view of these naval students in action.

Beautiful buildings.

Had to have dessert again after eating at Armadillo’s! Milkshakes!

Loved walking down these side streets.

Had to snap a picture of this adorable pink town home!

We drove back into D.C for dinner at Bonchon which is located in the Navy Yard. Talk about big chicken wings! These things were tasty!

We had a wonderful first two days! Check back in tomorrow for part two of the trip!


Washington D.C. Itinerary


Get ready, because we are about to have a D.C. overload. Ashley and I are both back from our trips to Washington D.C., and we both have a lot to say! I went late last month with my mom and sister, and since I have been once before I took it upon myself to make all of the plans. So, I wanted to share my travel and planning tips, as well as, my full itinerary for the trip.

I have been planning out each day for months! We went from June 26-30th, and stayed in Crystal City right outside the city. The first time I visited I stayed at the Marriott at Crystal City and it was wonderful because it is connected to the metro. This time we stayed at the Courtyard Marriott which was about 15 minutes from the metro. If I could redo one thing about the trip, it would be changing the hotel. It was nice, but walking to the metro each day was a little exhausting after walking all day. So finding a hotel that’s metro accessible is key (especially if you do not have a car)! We didn’t stay at the Marriott this time because it was more expensive. But in reality, we probably ended up paying the same amount of money anyway because we had to take taxis some days. So the moral of the story is…location and transportation is key when picking a place to stay.

Then, you need to decided where you want to visit, and reserve all of your tickets beforehand in case of long lines at some spots. So, I got tickets for the National Archives, the Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery, and Ford’s Theatre. They good thing about D.C. is that most everything you do is free, but if you get your tickets online early, you may have to pay a small fee. I also made reservations at all of the restaurants, and contacted our representative to visit the White House and the Capitol.

Our congressman's desk. Looks like a busy man.

Our congressman’s desk. It  looks messy yet neat at the same time.

Mayhem actually struck on the second day with rain pouring for most of the day. So, it ended up throwing my schedule off, but I’m going to show it as how I had it planned.

Day One: We came into D.C. around 3 o’clock and took a shuttle to our hotel (our hotel had a free shuttle service to and from the airport, so that’s something else to consider when choosing a place to stay). We found the metro and got our tickets for our time there. Then, we went to Buca di Beppo for supper. We were exhausted, so we went on back to our hotel to rest up for the next day.

Day Two:

7:30- White House tour (literally after we returned from the tour they start allowing tourists to bring in cameras)

Monuments (Lincoln, Vietnam, FDR, Civil Rights, Jefferson)


Museums- American History, Natural History

Holocaust Museum


5:30- Old Ebbitt Grill (The best food we had! The burger was fabulous as was the shrimp cocktail.)


The only thing we didn’t get to do was the monuments and the American/Natural History museums that day. We made it up the next.

Day Three:

9:00- Arlington Cemetery



Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

11:00- Ford’s Theater


Museums/Monuments we didn’t get to the day before

4:00- Washington Monument (You ride an elevator all the way to the top to look at windows on each side of the monument.)




5:30-The Hamilton (We actually ended up going to Founding Farmers because we heard The Hamilton was similar to Old Ebbitt…We had to wait forever…a lesson we learned the hard way to not defy the schedule!)


Founding Farmers…the fried chicken is awesome.

Day Four:

10:00- U.S. Capitol tour

1:00- National Archives

Georgetown exploration

Supper at J. Paul’s and cupcakes at Georgetown Cupcake (yum!)


J. Paul’s… I love how some of the restaurants have their windows open so you can sit in them!


Georgetown Cupcake

Day Five:

Leave D.C. at 1:00

When I plan out my itinerary, I place all of the timed events first onto the schedule, then I fill in the gaps with places that do not require a reservation. I also include the addresses for each place.

We had a great time together and basically we’re laughing the whole time, but I don’t think my mom and sister realized how much walking we would actually be doing. Side note: pack comfortable shoes!

I also realize 5:30 is pretty early for supper, but I knew we wouldn’t want to go back to the hotel beforehand, and we would be walking all day long and ready for an early meal.

I’ll be going back to D.C. with my friend Jordan next week! We will be there for a conference at the Holocaust Museum and working with other teachers learning more about the Holocaust. It may sound a little depressing, but we’re excited!


Seattle Itinerary

My sister and I just got back from Seattle for the weekend and it’s all a blur! We had so much fun but we’re so exhausted! The plane times in and out were so weird, but we managed to make the most of our time together.

Caution: Get ready for a picture overload!

Day One:

We drove out to the see the Pacific Ocean and the Hoh Rain Forest, and full disclosure, I didn’t get out of the car because I was feeling sick so I thought it best just to hang tight. Then, we stumbled upon the cutest beach town for lunch. The community is called Seabrook and we ate at a restaurant at the front of the town called Mill 109. We decided to split a ton of appetizers (full of crab dip and shrimp) and I got a grilled chicken caesar salad. It was all so delicious! Our dad actually lives in Auburn, outside of Seattle, in apartments on a side of a mountain. But if you drive to the top, there is a little village that looks like a ski resort that has a grocery store, shopping, and restaurants. We decided to grab some doughnuts there at Legendary Doughnuts where they had the biggest doughnuts I have ever seen.

The Pacific Ocean!

The Pacific Ocean!

My adorable sister Jackie in front of the Pacific Ocean... at least she was able to get a good shot on the other side of the US of A.

My adorable sister Jackie in front of the Pacific Ocean… at least she was able to get a good shot on the other side of the US of A.

A building in the Seabrook community! It was all so cute!

A building in the Seabrook community! It was all so cute!


Mill 109...Fantastic food!

Mill 109…Fantastic food!



The two sets of doughnuts on the right are so huge! You have the “Homer Simpson” in the middle and “Fat Albert” on the right.

Day Two:

We set out into the city to see and do all the touristy things the city has to offer. Traffic is crazy so we spent a lot of the time in the car, but our first stop was at Pike’s Place Market. Loved it. It has tons of vegetables, flowers, seafood, and other produce and goods to choose from. I would have loved to pick out some flowers if we were staying longer. Off from the Market is also the Original Starbucks! We couldn’t really get anywhere near the inside (or the patience to do so), so we just snapped a pic from the outside. Then, we ventured over to the Waterfront to look at the Great Wheel and grab a snack at The Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar (more crab dip!). Next stop, the Space Needle! Of course, the line to go to the top was outrageous so we took some photos, browsed the gift shop, and got out of there. We also saw a house that is surrounded by stores, because the owner refused to sell it (it’s said it was the inspiration for the movie UP!) and the Fremont Troll. I wanted to go do the Underground Tour, but by that time we were all exhausted so we rested for a while then ate supper at The Rock, a great pizza place with a rock n’ roll atmosphere in the village close to Dad’s apartment.




The beautiful flowers inside the Market!

The beautiful flowers inside the Market!



Just strolling through the streets of the Market...

Just strolling through the streets of the Market…

The Original Starbucks...sorry for the bad angle!

The Original Starbucks…sorry for the bad angle!


The Great Wheel!

The Great Wheel!




The Space Needle of course!



The UP! House


A sign for Edith’s Memorial Balloon wall! The lady who owned the house would not sell it, so they built buildings around it. She has now deceased but you can place balloons on the fence in her memory!


The Fremont Troll…it’s creepy and cool all at the same time…not many things could pull that off.

Day Three:

This was our last day and we were pretty tired from the day before, so we decided to take it easy. We went shopping, packed because our flight was set to leave at 12:34 the next morning, and spent a few hours at the Muckleshoot Casino (don’t worry, I lost about five bucks and was out), then we were off to the airport!

My view at 1:00 in the morning.

My view at 1:00 in the morning.


On our way back to Birmingham!

We already have a list forming of things to do when we go back! Thanks Dad for a great time!


Packing for Seattle!

Thursday marks the first day of one of my many trips this summer! This time my sister and I are embarking to Seattle to visit our dad! We can’t wait as it’s the setting for one of our favorite television shows..I shouldn’t even have to say it as most girls (and some guys) know what I’m talking about, but I’ll say it anyways…Grey’s Anatomy! But I digress, we’re looking forward to seeing all of the sights…the Space Needle, the original Starbucks, the Great Wheel, and all the other places Seattle has to offer!

Since the climate is vastly different in Seattle than it is in the South, I was a little unsure of how to pack. But ultimately, I decided light layers maybe a good move plus the weather is calling for days in the 70s.




Here’s what I decided to go with:


Outfit 1


Outfit 2


Outfit 3

I am trying to pack light as we will only be there for three whole days. Maybe I didn’t dig myself a hole by not packing warmer stuff!

If anyone has any recommendations on where to go, shoot us a comment!

Make sure to follow along on our instagram (@teacherswithpolish) to see all of the sights from Seattle!