Easy Grilled VeggiesΒ 

I love summer time because that means grilling out and lying by the pool! I wanted to share a super quick and easy way to grill veggies. These are so yummy!

All you will need is:

5 pieces of yellow squash

5 pieces of zucchini

1 pack Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix

A pinch of olive oil

Start by cutting the ends off of each piece. Then cut each vegetable up into circular pieces. Add them to a mixing bowl or pan of your choice.

Once all the vegetables are cut up, add the packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix. Then, add a pinch (not too much) of olive oil.

Mix the vegetables up until ranch dressing mix and olive oil are well mixed. They look yummy already!

To prepare them for the grill, tear off a few pieces of aluminum foil, or use foil packets if you have them. Put vegetables on the foil and make sure to bend the foil to cover the top of the vegetables or add another piece to cover it. Make sure it’s sealed well. This makes sure the vegetables on top are cooked as well.

Okay, so I have no idea how to light a grill. We were having a family dinner, so my step-dad, Scott, took care of that for me, thank goodness. But, once the grill is lit, set it to medium heat and place the foil packets on for a good 30 minutes.

Take them off the grill, open them up and BAM! Now you have delicious vegetables to go along with whatever dish you have made! These would also be good for a snack or even a light lunch!

Who else has made these easy and yummy veggies on the grill?! I’m thinking I need a grill of my own now!

Enjoy and happy Friday!



Fourth of July Snacks


With tomorrow being Fourth of July, we rounded-up some tasty-looking food for any party you maybe having or attending. All of these ladies are so creative with what they have come with, and we’re really craving to try all of these!

From Spicy Southern Kitchen, a brownie flag!

From The Frugal Girls, a dessert fruit kabob!

From Pink When, a no-bake strawberry blueberry cloud cake!

From The Sister’s Cafe, kid-friendly 4th of July strawberries!

From The 36th Avenue, dipped pretzels!

From Just a Taste, red, white, and blue pinwheel icebox cookies!

From At Home in Love, star spangled watermelon!

And from Fourth of July’s of past and present…here are a few memories.





And for more Fourth of July ideas check out our holiday pinterest page!

We hope everyone has an amazing Fourth!

~Jess and Ashley

Easy Spaghetti Recipe

Here is an easy spaghetti recipe that is honestly the best spaghetti I’ve ever had!


2 cans diced tomatoes

2 cans basil, garlic, and oregano diced tomatoes

2 onions (can use only 1 if preferred) 

1 clove garlic

1-1 1/2 pounds of ground beef

1 pack of noodles (angel hair was preferred for this recipe)

2 teaspoons Italian seasoning

2 teaspoons Garlic powder

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon Olive Oil (or more if needed)


1. Start by pouring the olive oil into a pan set on low to medium.

2. Cut up onions into fine pieces. Add onions to pan and stir and let cook for 10 or so minutes until they start to brown.

3. Cut up garlic clove and add to pan of onions and let cook.

4. Add meat to pan and let cook until the meat is brown and done.

5. Meanwhile, boil a pot of water and add noodles. Drain when done and set aside.

6. Begin adding the 4 cans of diced tomatoes to the meat, onions, and garlic. Add the garlic powder, italian seasoning, and salt. Cook and stir for 15 minutes or until done. You can always add more seasoning if needed πŸ™‚

IMG_1894You should come out with a pretty tasty plate of spaghetti!



Guest Post: An Easy, Delicious Recipe

My sister, Jackie, is offering one of her go-to recipes for teachers who do not have a lot of time. But, let’s get real, who does? Enjoy!


As a special education teacher, who runs around all day, I am always looking for recipes that make my life easier. During the winter months, my go-to appliance in the kitchen is my crock pot. Since I live alone, I despise cooking for myself. Recently,Β I had a few guests to help me eat my meal (you will get a preview below).

The night before I cook I go to Publix to get any meat I may need and additional ingredients. I then brown all the sides in the skillet and place it in the crockpot to leave in the refrigerator overnight. After getting ready for school the next morning, I get my crockpot out, plug it up, turn it on low, and pour the ranch dip, Au Jus Gravy mix, and butter on top of the roast. I start it at 7:00 AM and the recipe calls for 8 hours on low. When I get home from school around 3:30, my roast looks perfect and ready to eat. Since I do not eat until later,Β I turn my crockpot on warm to keep it hot until it isΒ time to dig in!


1. Eye of Round (Oven Roast)

Β Β eye round

2. 1pkg. of Ranch Dressing Mix


3. 1pkg. of Au Jus Gravy (McCormick)


4. 1/2 stick of butter

5. 1 bag of golden round potatoes





The sweetest guest:



Isla and I

Isla and I


Weekend Happenings

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is enjoying the time change so far. I don’t like losing an hour of sleep, but I do love that we have extra daylight AND Spring is near! The weather has been beautiful this weekend. I ventured out yesterday and ran across a 40% off sale at The Loft! I’ve been wanting the Striped Two in One sweater for a while, so I finally snagged it. It’s so flattering and can be paired with jeans, dress pants, or even colored pants. To top it off, I found the Curvy Straight Leg Jeans on final sale for $19.99!Β  I also cooked one of my favorite recipes, chicken spaghetti! It’s delicious and so easy to make. It takes very few ingredients and is a great go-to recipe after a long day at work, or just because you or your family have a huge craving for it!


16 oz. thin spaghetti or angel hair pasta noodles

1 lb. Velveeta (I got the 2%)

2 cups chopped cooked chicken (I just buy a small pack of chicken tenderloins)

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 can mild rotel

Salt and pepper to taste

2 cups mild shredded cheddar cheese


IMG_0800 Boil the chicken and cut into cubes. Boil noodles. Put noodles and chicken into large pot on medium. Add Velveeta (I usually cut it up into pieces and put in the microwave for a few minutes to help with the melting process), cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, rotel, and salt and pepper. Cook and stir until cheese is melted.Β Β  Now, if you wanted to, you could stop here and dig in. But if you prefer a casserole type dish, set your oven to 350, pour into 9 inch baking pan, and sprinkle with two cups of mild shredded cheese. Bake it in the oven for 30 minutes or until cheese is bubbly on top. Enjoy! This is also a great leftover dish!