Teachers With Polish

Jessica and Ashley are best friends who teach in northern Alabama. Jessica is employed in secondary education, while Ashley is employed in elementary. They wanted to create a space where they can share experiences from two different views of the education sector. However, while teaching is a passion, it is not the only thing they love. They both enjoy searching for great deals on daily attire from the comfort of their couches while still maintaining a polished teaching look. Therefore, this blog is devoted to teaching, style, daily living, and any other musing they may share.

The Co-Founders

Hey everyone! I am Jessica Hayes, and I am a middle school teacher at a K-8 school in Alabama. I teach sixth-eighth grade social studies. In Alabama that covers U.S. history, civics/geography, and ancient history, respectively. I also teach sixth-eighth grade English language arts. I love teaching at my school where I have been since January 2013. While I love what I do, I also love shopping (real and window), reading, thinking about exercising, traveling, and my loved ones. Also, War Eagle!


Hello! My name is Ashley Barnard, and I am a 1st grade teacher in Alabama. This is my first year teaching 1st grade (previously taugh 4th) and I am so excited! I love working with these sweet little babies. It’s amazing seeing how their minds work. Besides teaching, I love shopping (love a good sale), reading, exercising (I’m obsessed with spin!), Netflix (give me the couch, Netflix, and a Saturday night and I’m happy!), traveling whenever I can, and spending time with all of the wonderful people in my life that I love. I recently got engaged and I am getting married in June 2016! I also have the most precious Dachshund named Lily.


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