Lovely Floral Calendars

One great thing about the new year is getting organized with fun new planners and calendars. They not only let you keep track of important events, they also help brighten up your space. To help you ring in 2016 in style, FTD created two types of floral printable calendars.

The wall calendars are full-page (8.5″ x 11″) printouts that can either be hung up or hole punched and put in a binder to help you stay organized. The desktop versions can be printed on 11″ x 17″ paper, cut, and folded into upright calendars to sit atop your desk (and can even be a fun and easy project for students). Whichever you choose, these calendars are sure make keeping track of your busy schedule a little bit easier.


I love how this calendar is styled with a slender frame and surrounded by gold and pink accents.


Here’s how I use my calendar in my classroom. This desktop version is the right size for my desk. It doesn’t take up much room and adds a quaint touch of lovely.

photo 1

Below is the wall calendar and works great on your bulletin board, for student due dates, or to keep organized in a notebook. The possibilities are endless! I’m currently hanging mine on my bulletin board.

photo 3


I also use the desk and wall calendar as well. Love the font and how it looks on my desk. 

I also like to keep a calendar on my refrigerator with reminders and events coming up, meals to cook, appointments, etc. This one is perfect for that!

To print your own desktop or wall calendar, click here! Each month is prettier than the next, and will lighten up any work space.

Hope everyone is have a wonderful start to the new year!

~Jess and Ashley


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