Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener 

So, I’ve heard a lot of talk about this cool and quiet pencil sharpener that everyone is using from Classroom Friendly Supplies. I finally just had to break down and try it for myself and I am loving it! It truly is the quietest pencil sharpener I’ve ever had. And don’t you just love the cool, retro look?! I ordered mine in pink, of course, but there are several colors to choose from.

I loved seeing the look on my students’ faces when they saw how sharp their pencils were after using this pencil sharpener. They could not believe how sharp it made their pencils! And of course, they love the way it looks.

Now, I teach first grade, so I have trained one responsible and trustworthy student to use my pencil sharpeners. Using my electric pencil sharpener, the student and I sharpen pencils before and after school only, mainly because hearing the sound of an electric pencil sharpener during the school day makes me want to pull my hair out. And if I let every student use the sharpener, it would be destroyed (again, I teach first grade- they can’t help but destroy things). But, now that I have the quietest pencil sharpener, my responsible student and I can use it during the day, if needed, because it doesn’t make a sound. No disruptions, no driving everyone crazy with the loud noise, and extremely better sharpened pencils. It’s a win-win for everyone!

How to use:

Pull the silver face forward until it locks in place.

Pinch the 2 black knobs together and put your pencil into the sharpener. Release the knobs and they will hold the pencil in place.

Put one hand on the pencil sharpener and use the other to turn the handle to sharpen  the pencil.

And ta-da! You have a beautifully, sharpened pencil!

The sharpener also comes with a wall mount, so it can be mounted to the wall.

This sharpener is definitely a must have, in my opinion. Hurry and order yours today! Click here to go to the site. There is also a link below on our page that will take you there!

Happy Friday and happy early Thanksgiving!



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