Birthday Gift Ideas

Well, I turned the big 2-8 this week. It was actually a pretty good day, especially for a Monday. My school had fall break last week, so it was nice to have a few days off, after a few work days, of course. My sweet students actually remembered it was my birthday after having a whole week off. A sweet parent brought in cupcakes for us to celebrate with as well. It was a good day!

Flowers from a sweet student πŸ™‚

I wanted to share a few cute things I received as well as a few more awesome birthday gift ideas!

My sweet friend, Julie, who is also my Matron of honor, had this May Designs Wedding Diary made for me. I love it and am already putting it to good use!

My sweet fiance, Rob, gave me a dipped Yeti cup that I had been wanting! He also had my soon- to-be new initials put on it. The lady that designs them is awesome! Check her out here.

More birthday gift ideas:

Send beautiful flowers like these I received from my sweet Fiance.

What could be better than a gift card…. to J.Crew of course! I received a few myself as gifts this week πŸ™‚

Adorable Dachshund “Happy Birthday’ card

Everyone needs a good To-Do List notepad. Especially when they are cute like this one.

Polka-dotted pot holders for the baking lover.

Monogram mug for the coffee lover.

This hat. Yes.

I’ve always loved this Saddle Leather Catchall for a man.

Nike Free tennis shoes for the lover of running and/or comfortable, cute tennis shoes.

Cook a birthday dinner, bake a birthday cake, send a sweet birthday text, phone call, birthday card, or e-card via email. I think just letting people know you are thinking about them on their special day (no matter how old they are) is a wonderful gift!

How do you like celebrating people on their birthday?

Happy Friday!



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