Friday Freebies

Happy Friday!! I wanted to share a few items that were freebies from Teachers Pay Teachers that I use in my classroom and love!

First are my Classroom Hand Signal Posters from Jessica Travis (Wild About Firsties). Oh the joys of being right in the middle of a lesson and one of your sweet little students raises their hand (or blurts out) saying they need to go to the restroom, or they need a pencil. Or you are in the middle of teaching small group and a sweetie comes to you asking the same thing or a question about the work they are doing. Well, I’ve always had my students use hand signals and sign language for these types of questions, but what better way to enforce it than to display these hand signal posters so that the students never forget what each sign means. I love using hand signals for things such as this because it cuts down on interruptions, and we all hate those because it causes you and the students to get off track, which we all know could be a disaster if not handled properly.

I LOVE these picture directions from A Cupcake for the Teacher!  For students, especially first graders, remembering what to do for center work, daily work, etc. can be hard without anything to go by to help you stay on track. These picture directions are perfect for my first graders. I have them numbered and posted on my board to help my students remember what they need to do to complete their center work. This also helps cut down questions from students about their work. My students know not to come to  my teacher table unless it’s an emergency or they have a hand signal ready anyway, but they are really helpful and not to mention super cute which is a huge plus in my book.

I needed some cute, large numbers to go on my wall. I ran across these Bright, Scrappy Numbers from Graphics From the Pond. Cutting them all out wasn’t fun, but I think they make a bright contribution to my wall, and my students are always looking at them to help solve math problems. If it helps my students, I am all for it.

My last freebie are my Through the Year Calendar Headers by Maria Manore Gavin. I needed a set of months to display on my wall for students to see and these were perfect. I have a cute calendar set that I ordered and have it up on one of my bulletin boards, but I couldn’t fit all of the months on the board. I can only display the actual month we are in. Now, my students know what month we are in by looking at our calendar, and they can also always see all of the months of the year as well.

What are some good freebies that you have found lately?!



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