Feelin’ Patriotic: Student Council Voting Booth

Thinking back on when I was in middle school, I know I was a classroom representative at least one year. And from what I remember of that time wielding that sacred position, other than attending some meetings, I did absolutely nothing. It was almost like it was a made-up position to make the ones who didn’t get an elected office feel a little bit better about themselves. Which that very well could have been the case.

When I became the advisor for the student council at my school this year, I wanted each position the students held to be of importance and for them to contribute to the club in some way. I also wanted the students to view the positions as a big deal in our school. So, with the help of the lovely people over at Pinterest, I wanted to start the election process off with a bang by creating our own voting booth.

My grandpa graciously brought me a refrigator box to school one day, and with the help of a fellow teacher, wrapped it up in red butcher paper. Then, I taped red, white, and blue streamers to the front to create a “door” and stuck a desk inside for the students to write on. So easy and simple, and the students loved it!



I would love to hear the ideas you are doing with your own student council!



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