Pretty, Proficient Planners: Plum Paper

I am very particular about my planners. I had a great Martha Stewart planner from Staples then my world ended when they quit carrying them. It came with monthly calendars and there were weekly spreads big enough to write my lesson plans. But, the best part had to be that it was built to hold all the pages as inserts so I didn’t have to buy the binding each year.

Sure, I tried other planners, but they just weren’t like Martha’s. All of the planners I saw had weekly spreads that you could fit a paragraph on for each day. That just doesn’t cut it for me. Until one day, Ashley notified me about Plum Paper planners. Cue the singing angels. They are everything I had been looking for and more. There are a variety of cover designs you can choose from plus you can customize it. I chose the pink stripes with my name in grey.


On the inside there are tabs for each month and each week is divided into classes! Plus, if you choose, you can have your classes actually printed onto the paper for weekly lesson plans.


Love the colored tabs! This planner runs from August to July.




Here is the weekly spread. I love this template, and it’s enough space to write what I’m doing in each class each day.


Along the left side are the row boxes where you can have your classes printed.

There are also sections for class lists, contact information, and notes. The paper is also shiny and kind of feels luxurious compared to the usual lame paper my other planners had. I almost don’t want to write on it. The only thing about the planner that can’t touch Martha’s is that it isn’t reloadable. But, other than that, two thumbs up.



They come in two different sizes, and I chose the large. I like my planners spacious enough to see everything.

I don’t even want to think what would happen if something happened to these planners. I can’t take another Staples debacle.



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