Wednesday Wardrobe: First Day of School Outfit

I wanted to share my outfit that I wore for the first day of school! I chose one of my J. Crew Factory pencil skirts that I LOVE (they are so cute and comfy!) along with my striped tank from Loft. I topped it off with my yellow cardigan from J. Crew Factory.

I have taken on a 3 month no shopping challenge for myself, so you may see some of the same things pop up in my wardrobe pictures.

For one, I am getting married, trying to buy a house, etc., so my fun “shopping whenever I want to” days are over.

Furthermore, I’ve been inspired by other bloggers and their talk about having classic staple pieces in your wardrobe to wear in many different ways, so there is probably no reason for me to be constantly buying new pieces for my wardrobe (even if they are super, super cheap.)

My goal is to use the pieces I have and maybe from time to time (or every three months) buy a piece or two that I know will compliment my wardrobe and be a lasting piece for me to wear! If I don’t need it, I’m not buying it! I’ll let you know how this goes. πŸ™‚

Anybody else doing a no shopping challenge? Or have any tips for me with my challenge?

Happy Wednesday!



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