For the Love of Harry Potter: Top Wizarding World Moments

My family and I love us some Harry Potter. I always knew I wanted to post on Harry Potter, but I didn’t know about what. My mom, sister, and I have moments and characters that we always talk about, whether it came from the book or movies. Our conversations usually always come back to these moments. So, at the risk of revealing my nerdy side, I decided to post 5 moments or characters which I frequently mention during our Potter conversations.

1. I love all members of the Weasley family. Except one. Percy. He is just so smug. He really isn’t a prevalent character in the movies, but we are exposed to him more in the books. I really couldn’t stand this guy. The way he treated his family? Appalling! And I dare say, I like Voldermort better than Percy. Yes, you read the right. Sure, Percy gets a little better at the end. But I can’t help it; he really grinds my gears.


2. So I guess I came into Potter-dom all wrong. I saw all of the movies first, then read the books. Needless to say, when I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I had no idea the horror that awaited me. It was all well and good until Potter and his fearless, caring headmaster, Dumbledore, had to go hunting horocruxes. Upon their return, Snape killed Dumbledore! Cue the shock, distress, and general panic in knowing he wouldn’t be there to help Harry destroy Voldermort! Plus, it didn’t help that when I saw this scene I yelled, “No! Dumbledorf!” and was subsequently embarrassed. You have to realize I was still fairly new to the whole series, and wasn’t quiet sure how to pronounce Dumbledore’s name. Give me a break.

3. A death that I seriously could not get over and still haunts me to this day is that of the faithful house elf Dobby. Oh my word, that was the saddest thing I have ever seen. That elf loved his friend Harry Potter and was brave up until the very end. Even after Bellatrix flung that knife into his stomach, his last words were, “Dobby is happy to be with his friend, Harry Potter.” I’m tearing up writing this. But Dobby was not a regular house elf; he was a free elf. Not many house elves could claim that (big deal). Plus, I have a picture of my dog Benny that bears a striking resemblance to Dobby. RIP Dobby.

                                 IMG_0342 IMG_1318

I dare you to tell me Benny is not adorable.

4. One of my favorite motions (this sounds weird but stay with me) in the movies belongs to Snape when he flicks his wand in a brisk motion to walk through a gate on the way to meet with the other Deatheaters in the first part of The Deathly Hallows. It was just the epitome of cool! Every time I watch it, I want to do the same thing to every door I own. Confession: when I worked at a law office, I had to lock up at the end of the day. About 84% of the time when I walked to the front door to go to the mailbox, I would fling my arm open wide in hopes the door would magically disappear so I could walk straight through (spoiler alert: it never happened).

5. Other than Dobby, the house elf Kreacher really stole my heart in the books. We really only see the grumpy shell of the elf in the movies. However, in the books, we see Kreacher turn from a miserable old bag to an elf with a heart of gold. He was cooking Harry, Hermione, and Ron meals and was halfway pleasant. What upset me most had to be when the trio couldn’t return to their safe house after escaping the ministry. Kreacher was cooking them a delicious meal, and they couldn’t even go back to enjoy it after he had been slaving all day. Plus, you’d think with them being magical and all they could have sent a carrier pigeon or some mysterious communication to Kreacher letting him know they wouldn’t make it back. I bet he worried himself sick!

There is a ton more that I could say about Harry Potter franchise, but I’ll save that for another day. But if after reading all of this doesn’t make you want to join the fandom, then…



10 thoughts on “For the Love of Harry Potter: Top Wizarding World Moments

  1. GabrielleJoyReads says:

    I agree with you about Kreacher! When I was watching Deathly Hallows Part 1 with my Mum, the other week- I said how Kreacher really isn’t that bad; and she was disgusted! Mind you, she hasn’t read the books, so has no idea how much Kreacher really changes! Her loss I guess. I can never understand why anybody would refuse to read the books!


  2. Lorrie Cleveland says:

    I love Harry Potter too.. Our whole family does..About 2 Black Friday’s ago I scored all 7 movies on Blu Ray at Walmart(totally worth the craziness) 😄
    Also I did it backwards too just for the first 3 movies though, but then I read the books all the way through.. They all have so much more details than the movies it was one of my top series of books.. And I was also so sad both Dumbledore and Dobby died.. 😦 Great post!!


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