Ashley Goes to D.C. Part 2

Day 3: July 4

We traveled into Georgetown for the day. I had this on my list of places to go. Loved it there!

   Loved seeing all the historic buildings and garden entrances to homes.

 Farmers Fishers Bakers was my absolute favorite place we ate at through the whole trip! It was beyond delicious!
  They brewed sweet tea just for us! It was great!

  They had a brunch buffet going. Rob and I literally didn’t know what to do with ourselves when we saw how much food they had. It was all amazing. I ate everything on my plate AND went back for a second helping. We may have embarrassed Cody and Tori a little bit. πŸ™‚

 More beautiful buildings/homes. Loved this blue ceiling on the porch! I’ve read on Pinterest that this was a southern tradition. The blue ceiling kept away bugs and supposedly evil spirits.
  Very American.  Had to drive though China Town on our way back.

 We went to Bolling Air Force Base, which is where Cody (Rob’s college friend) works to celebrate the 4th that night. We had a great view of the water and the fireworks show.



 Day 4: July 5

For our last full day in D.C. we quickly visited the monuments we didn’t catch on our first day there.

Lincoln Memorial


Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Washington Monument.


We ate lunch at Matchbox. Best. Pizza. Ever.

And of course, dessert at Ice Cream Jubilee in the Navy Yard. We decided that even though we ate dessert with every meal, all those calories were canceled out with all the walking we did every day. πŸ˜‰

We HAD to go to a baseball game at Nats Stadium! Awesome atmosphere.

 And finally, our last meal, was at Ted’s Bulletin. Great food. Very vintage, 20’s type feel.

Cheeseburger hit the spot.

They serve breakfast all day!

Home made pop tarts.

Superb milkshakes. Definitely had to walk this one off.

Day 5: July 6

We flew out around lunch. Snapped this on the way out. Until next time, D.C.
Snacks and reading on the flight back.

Can I just say that I would move to D.C. in a heartbeat! Or any of the surrounding cities that we visited. We had a wonderful trip thanks to Cody and Tori. They took us everywhere we wanted to go and more! Now, who wants to go back with me, like really soon?!



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