Easy Grilled Veggies 

I love summer time because that means grilling out and lying by the pool! I wanted to share a super quick and easy way to grill veggies. These are so yummy!

All you will need is:

5 pieces of yellow squash

5 pieces of zucchini

1 pack Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix

A pinch of olive oil

Start by cutting the ends off of each piece. Then cut each vegetable up into circular pieces. Add them to a mixing bowl or pan of your choice.

Once all the vegetables are cut up, add the packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix. Then, add a pinch (not too much) of olive oil.

Mix the vegetables up until ranch dressing mix and olive oil are well mixed. They look yummy already!

To prepare them for the grill, tear off a few pieces of aluminum foil, or use foil packets if you have them. Put vegetables on the foil and make sure to bend the foil to cover the top of the vegetables or add another piece to cover it. Make sure it’s sealed well. This makes sure the vegetables on top are cooked as well.

Okay, so I have no idea how to light a grill. We were having a family dinner, so my step-dad, Scott, took care of that for me, thank goodness. But, once the grill is lit, set it to medium heat and place the foil packets on for a good 30 minutes.

Take them off the grill, open them up and BAM! Now you have delicious vegetables to go along with whatever dish you have made! These would also be good for a snack or even a light lunch!

Who else has made these easy and yummy veggies on the grill?! I’m thinking I need a grill of my own now!

Enjoy and happy Friday!



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