Thursday Book Talk: The Royal We

I am having some British fever right now… that may not be the best thing to say considering we are about to celebrate our Independence Day (shout out to America!), but I really enjoyed reading The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, and now I’m in a tizzy to visit England. Probably why I enjoyed it so much was because it was an easy read, and I can be a sucker for sappy romance novels (tell no one). Yes, some parts could be a little hokey, but it was enjoyable so who cares. Plus, I love me some Will and Kate and you can’t help but draw some comparisons to their love story.

The novel opens on the day before Rebecca (Bex) is to marry Prince Nicholas of Wales, who is next in line to the throne. Bex is in a panic because she has done something that may jeopardize her wedding to Nick. Plus, her twin sister, Lacey, has also done her fair share of messing up the situation, but we are all clueless as to what it is. From then on, we are brought up to speed on how Rebecca and Nick met, fell in love, broke   up only to get back together and become engaged, to the day before their wedding. Rebecca is an American, college student studying abroad at Oxford. On her first day, at her dorm, she meets a boy who leads her to what will be her room for her time there. She realizes with the help of her neighbor, Cilla, that he is actually the Prince of Wales. Rebecca becomes included in Cilla’s circle of friends, which includes Nick. Over time, Rebecca and Nick become very good friends by bonding over a “trashy” television show. Finally, this friendship turns into love. However, they keep their relationship a secret for privacy and because of disapproving family members. Nick also has a goofy, “playboy” younger brother, Freddie (who didn’t see that one coming?). The trio becomes very close over the course of the courtship, and Bex and Freddie remain tight after the relationship ends with Nick. Bex is heartbroken and indulges in risky behavior. She even engages in a kiss with Freddie! After a year has passed, Nick and Bex reunite and become engaged. However, something from Bex’s past comes back to haunt her happiness with Nick with a plot twist that I halfway saw coming. What I didn’t like of the novel was the ending. I felt cheated. And if you have read it, you understand what I am talking about. On the anger scale of 1 to 10, I was about a four. I didn’t get too worked up like I did with the Sweet Valley (read about that rant here). But it was enough to elicit an “Are you kidding me?”

You would enjoy this book if: you love the Royal family, you love reading a romantic-comedish-scandal novel, or you need an beach read.


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