Thursday Book Talk: The Husband’s Secret

I was on a search for a new book to read and noticed that many people were talking up Liane Moriarty and some of her many novels. I downloaded a few samples and ultimately decided on The Husband’s Secret. This story had three different women narrations, and their storylines intertwined with each other. Cecilia is the first woman we hear from, and it appears as though she has the perfect family, perfect life. However, we find down the road that things are not as perfect as they appear. We also hear from Tess, who right from the beginning, things are not going her way. *Spoiler Alert* Her husband and her best friend have been secretly “falling in love” behind her back. Sooo not what you want to hear from two of the most important people in your life. Lastly, Rachel is an older woman who has been through many hardships in her life including coping with the death of her daughter at an early age. This story is very well written with how all of their stories come together. It made me wonder what I would do in particular situations the characters found themselves in. For instance, what would I have done if my husband did what Cecilia’s did (I won’t tell you the situation as to not spoil anything)? But the story also showed the consequences that our choices have on our lives and others. What was especially striking was the epilogue in which the author delves into what happened/what could have been to the characters in her story. I highly recommend it and look forward to reading her other stories!


 Who else has read this book?!



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