Wednesday Wardrobe: Hello Vitamin D!

First off, we’re sorry for the lack of posts the past couple of days! Since the end of school is upon us, we have been busy wrapping it up, and we have a just as busy summer approaching! With that said, we may not be able to post everyday as we have been, but we still look forward to continue to connect with everyone each week!

Okay, now to our “Wednesday Wardrobe!” We decided to post some of the shorts we are loving right now including our own spin on fun patterns and black and white style.

Jess’s Style

These black and white tuxedo shorts are some of my favorites from last summer J. Crew Factory. They can easily be dressed up for a more “fancy” evening, or they can be worn more relaxed and casual. Usually, I wear this yellow blouse from the Factory with it when I’m feeling more fancy.



I have had these high-rise polka dotted shorts from Urban Outfitters for some time now, and I haven’t worn them as much until last summer. They are really comfortable and are easy to wear. They just slide right on! I decided to pair it this time with the yellow blouse for J. Crew Factory and I think it looks pretty well together.



Here are some other shorts that are fun:

Ashley’s Style

I got these black and white striped shorts on clearance from Gap last summer. I just loved them and can’t wait to sport them again this summer! They are sooo comfy! They look great with a casual top, but you could also throw on a dressier top and shoes for a more “chic” look. These are out of stock but I found some similar ones here.

Gap striped shorts

Gap shorts side viewSo, as soon I saw these floral print shorts from Loft, I knew I had/needed to have them. I love the look and feel of these shorts and they are the perfect length. Oh, and of course I was patient and waited until they were half off to purchase them! Score!

Loft floral shorts

Loft floral short side viewOther styles I’m loving:

Where do you find some of your favorite shorts?!

~Jess and Ashley


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