Guest Post: The Perfect $12 Deal

Our friend Allison is sharing a great steal she found at the J. Crew Factory! Thanks Allison for the heads up!

allison necklace

allison necklace2

I am so excited Teachers with Polish asked me to share my story of the amazing deal I got from the J.Crew Outlet. While at the Women of Joy Conference in Gatlinburg, TN, I went shopping at the outlet stores. I happened upon a cute bright colored top from New York and Company. The shirt was on the sale rack and only cost nine dollars! “If only I had a cute necklace to pair with it,” I thought to myself. I decided to run in the J. Crew Outlet store which was running a one day 40 percent off the entire store sale.” That’s when I saw “IT.” The perfect matching necklace! I knew I had to have it because I am one of those “matchy, matchy” people. I checked the price tag which said $56.50, but since it was the outlet store it had been lowered to $29.97. However, that was still more than I wanted to pay for this necklace. I took it up to the register to check the price with the 40 percent sale and remembered to ask about my teacher discount! When it was all said and done the necklace was only $12! Talk about a steal!

Has anyone else found any good deals like this lately?!

Happy Friday!

~Ashley and Jess


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