Favorite Decor Pieces

I wanted to share a few of my favorite decor pieces in my home that I just love. I enjoy decorating, whether it’s for a new holiday, a changing of a season, or just because. Two of my favorite decor stores are Pottery Barn and T.J. Maxx! Yes, Pottery Barn is pricey, but if you watch the sales online and go to the store at the right time, you can snag a deal!

I am absolutely obsessed with my medium double handed urn and small double handed urn! They can be used for any occasion or holiday. Put flowers in them or leave them empty. I have my medium urn sitting by my mantle and my small one sits on my bookshelf for now. The small one was on sale when I bought it. The medium one was not but I definitely think it is worth the money. I will have these urns forever!




I also have the cachepot, which I love!


And I have a cute candle holder which makes a good centerpiece for a kitchen table or on your mantle, which is where mine is right now. 🙂

candle holder

My other favorite pieces that I love are my arched mirrors that my mom got for me last year from T.J. Maxx. Every time I go to T.J. Maxx it’s like an adventure! I love browsing  through all of their adorable items. It’s always hard to leave there empty handed. My mom and I stumbled across these right after Christmas. They are perfect in my living room and they were half of the original price!


mirror mirrors3

What are your favorite decor pieces?



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