End-of-the-Year Grammar Project

Since we are beginning to wind-up the school year, I wanted to find a grammar project for my seventh-grade grammar class to complete. I found what I was looking for on Teachers Pay Teachers, with this Create a Menu activity by Pride and Prepositions.

It is a fairly simple activity for students to do, and it mainly serves as a review over the different parts of speech, but it applies it to a real life situation.

The students have to create their own menu for their “restaurant.” They have to create at least 10 menu items with creative descriptions for each item. They also have to pair an appropriate price for each item. For each description they have to underline so many nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and prepositional phrases in different colors.

My students worked pretty hard on their menus and seemed to really enjoy doing it. However, I found that it needs to be reiterated that most of their grade comes from underlining the different parts of speech. A few of my students either forgot or did not bother to do it (even though I went over it in the instructions and it was clearly stated in their rubric).

I should also mention that I had my students complete this activity as a sort of “brain break” after state testing. For seventh-graders, this activity might be useful for the beginning-of-the-year as opposed to the end-of-the-year, so it can help the teacher see which parts of speech the students all ready know. As an extension activity, it would be good to identify verb phrases and other different types of phrases in their menus!

Here is the final product from one of my students! She did a fantastic job and really made it her own. I love how she drew a picture of each type of doughnut by the item name.

 IMG_0453 IMG_0454

IMG_0455 IMG_0461  IMG_0462_2 IMG_0464

IMG_0457  IMG_0458

Hope everyone has a good couple of weeks left of school!



4 thoughts on “End-of-the-Year Grammar Project

  1. linʛuischtick says:

    I have some questions, purely out of curiosity as a linguist – why did they have to find individual nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs but full prepositional phrases? Why didn’t they have to find noun phrases or verb phrases? Why not find individuals prepositions? Is there something in the 7th grade curriculum that requires specifically identifying PPs, but not NPs or VPs? Sorry if these are weird questions, I just had to know.


    • Teachers with Polish says:

      These are not weird questions, but actually brings up a good extension activity. I downloaded this activity from TpT, and the rubric called for the students to underline those particular parts of speech. In the seventh-grade, we do teach prepositional phrases and other types of phrases. For my purposes, we had just finished state testing, and I wanted this activity to serve as a type of “brain break” for them. But, I think a teacher could take this activity a step further and ask students to underline different types of phrases.


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