Fitness Countdown

keep calm


Countdown is on until the end of school…..18 days left today! I normally do some type of activity each day of the last 20 days of school with my students to make the countdown even more exciting. This year, I thought it would be fun to do a fitness countdown and do a type of exercise everyday (and to make up for the fact that I have been slightly slacking at the gym). The kids have loved it so far! They really get into it, and it’s a fun little brain break for us! You can do more than one set of each if wanted. πŸ™‚

Days Left:

20: 20 jumping jacks

19: 19 X squats (Like a regular squat but when you come down you cross your arms like an x.)

18: 18 lunges (On each leg if you really want to feel a little burn.)

17: 17 regular crunches

16: 16 side leg raises (on each leg)

15: 15 v-ups (Almost like a regular crunch but you lie with your hand above your head. You make a “V” when you come up by raising your legs and arms at the same time.)

14: 14 push-ups

13: 13 mountain climbers (Start in push up position and alternate bringing one foot forward at a time all the way up to your arms. The faster the better.)

12: 12 side lunges (Lunge to the side on each leg.)

11: 11 burpees (Start in squat position with hands on the ground. Kick legs back behind you landing on your toes. Do a push up. Bring legs back underneath you then jump straight up into the air off of the floor. That is 1 burpee.)

10: 10 push-ups

9: 9 russian twists (Sit in a sit-up position with feet up off the ground. Twist from side to side.)

8. 8 tricep dips (Sit on a step with your arms behind you. Brace your arms on the step and dip your body down and back up.)

7: 7 arm circles (Forward and backward)

6: 6 backward lunges (Lunge backward instead of forward. On each leg.)

5: 5 minute intervals (1 minute regular jump roping, 1 minute side-to-side jump roping, 1 minute jump roping on right foot, 1 minute jump roping on left foot, 1 minute jump roping forward and backward. No jump rope required.)

4: 4 30-second knee highsΒ (alternate bringing knees toward chest)

3: 3 30-second wall sitsΒ (back against wall in seated position with knees bent and arms out)

2: 2 minute bicycle kicks (Lie on your back and kick your legs like you are riding a bicycle. Try to keep your legs as low to the ground as you can without touching it. This can be done in 1 minute or 30 second intervals.)

1: 1 minute plank (Put elbows on the floor with both hands in a fist and on the floor too. Legs back and on the tips of your toes with your back and abs as straight as you can. Hold for two 30 second intervals if possible.)

Happy workouts!



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