Thursday Book Talk: Sharp Objects


So who all has read Gone Girl? I did and loved it, despite the crazy, unusual acts that take place. Gillian Flynn is definitely an author who knows how to keep you guessing and on your toes while creeping you out at the same time. I just had to read another novel of hers that I kept hearing about, Sharp Objects (what a title, huh?!), to see how and if she could top Gone Girl and, well, in my opinion, she takes the cake with this one. The main character is Camille Preaker, a reporter who must return back to her small hometown to do a story on the murders of two young girls. As if the reason returning home wasn’t bad enough, she also had to see her cray cray mother (with whom she had barely spoken to over the years) and a half-sister that she barely knows. Camille has some dark secrets herself that you will discover as you read the book. Her small hometown is also not a stranger to dark, hidden secrets. It really was amazing how the disturbing yet captivating details came out in this story the further I read. By the time I got to the end, I thought I knew exactly what was going on, and of course, I was wrong. The one thing I do like about this story is that it does have a somewhat happier ending than Gone Girl. Although my mouth was hanging open, I felt a little more at ease with the ending. I also plan to read Flynn’s Dark Places, which is planned to be released as a movie with Charlize Theron playing the leading role! 

Who else has read Sharp Objects?? What did you think?

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Happy reading!



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