Teacher Thank You Notes

Whether you’re a prospective teacher or an established one, thank you notes are a must. Even though the  hand-written note is (what some might say) a “dying art form,” it is a considerate, personal way to show your appreciation. As a prospective teacher, any education professor or career counselor will tell you to send a thank you note to a potential employer within 24 hours of an interview. Furthermore, it is also handy for a teacher to have cards ready-to-write to send to parent volunteers, other helpful teachers, and gift-giving students. It is a nice gesture that people will sure to remember!

Here are some of my favorites from Sugar Paper, Rifle Paper, and Paper Source. The top two, I believe, are so appropriate for teachers! The others range from professional to a little playful.

For those who are wondering how to compose a well-written “after the interview” thank you note, Sarah’s Career Corner has some great tips and examples!

Do you have any helpful tips for thank you notes? Which cards are your favorites?!

Happy teaching!



2 thoughts on “Teacher Thank You Notes

  1. Colleen says:

    I’m such a sucker for snail mail and a handwritten card! I have an ever growing collection of thank you notes but love that last one.

    My only tip is the same one my mother taught me- not just to thank for the gift/favour but to demonstrate how you’ll use it or why you value it. I’ve always sent a thank you email after interviews, never a paper card.


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