Remind Text Messaging

As elementary (or any grade level) teachers, we all know that communication with parents is key to helping your studentsย succeed in the classroom. We also know that our time is limited during school hours (because we all know that our planning time is not nearly long enough for the million things we have to do every day-like call or email all of our students’ parents with updates, concerns, positive remarks, etc.). Well, I have found a tool that I have been using the past few years to help with communication that is easy, safe, and NOT time consuming called Remind Text Messaging (originally called Remind 101). You may have heard of it, but are you using it?

Remind is easy to sign up and start using. It allows you to text parents with updates, reminders, changes, positive remarks, etc. All they have to do is sign up with an easy code that you give them. They never see your real number and they can’t text you back. I always have wonderful remarks from parents about them loving Remind! I am communicating with my parents just about every day! It is constantly being updated with new features. Now, you can send pictures (newsletters, important documents, class pics) and recently added is chat! Teachers will be able to chat instantly with parents individually, if needed, instead of all of the parents as a group.



Send messages to your whole class


My school district recently had a work day and teachers taught classes on different uses of technology in the classroom. I taught the Remind class. I actually had some middle and high school teachers come. This would come in handy for them as well because they could also have their students sign up and join! It works for all grade levels! Or hey, what about coaches? Instead of having to give out your personal number to your players, you could communicate with all of them and their parents on Remind! I actually had the head football coach create a class for his football players! Very exciting!

Is anyone else using Remind? How are you liking it?!

Happy teaching!



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