Spring Nail Colors

Easter is quickly upon us and since we posted about the dress for this Sunday, we thought it would also be appropriate to talk about our favorite spring nail colors. Once spring rolls around after a gloomy winter, ladies like a fresher nail color, like the ever-popular pastels or even a bolder, brighter color. This year, however, we have jumped on the white bandwagon. This is a growing trend and it is very clean.

 2015-04-02 20.50.53 IMG_1073

We also do love the classics, so here are some of our favorites:

2015-04-02 18.58.01

2015-04-02 18.56.47  2015-04-02 18.57.15

On the left: Essie marshmallow, sugar daddy, and pink diamond

On the right: Essie bachelorette bash, mint candy apple, and lilacism

We are also eyeing these beauties to add to the collection: fiesta and bikini so teeny

Another option:

We were eyeing the Formua X brand of polish today at Sephora. We really liked this set and thought the colors were very spring oriented.

And this set as well!

Have a happy Easter!

~Ashley and Jess


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