A Rejuvenating Body Scrub

I am so glad spring is here. I was over the cold weather before it even began, so I am thrilled it is finally warming up (now, if it could just stay that way)! This is a time of rejuvenation and renewal, and I thought it would be a good idea to start prepping for the spring clothes. And not to paint an ugly picture here, but my legs have been a little ashy from the winter weather. So, I decided to mix together a body scrub to soften my legs. I have wanted to create my own natural body scrub for a while and finally did it. This recipe came from Lea Michele’s book, Brunette Ambition, and it is super easy. All you need is two scoops of Epsom salt and five tablespoons of olive oil. You mix the ingredients in a bowl until it is the right consistency. The salt will soak up some of the oil, and actually I put in an extra scoop. To apply, make sure you run warm water over your legs, then in a circular motion, rub it across them. I shaved my legs after I exfoliated. You do not need to exfoliate after a shave or it will cause your legs to burn. Once I finished, my legs felt so soft! I definitely recommend it. She also mentions that Whole Foods carries some pre-made natural body scrubs. Next time I’m there, I’m definitely checking them out!

You can check out some other scrub recipes here, here, and here.


What are some scrubs you have tried? I’d love to hear!



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