The Bunny and the Egg

Teaching grammar has always been so fun to me! I always get excited when I get to first introduce what part of grammar we are going to be learning. I enjoyed it when I was in school as well. I still remember The Shurley Method and how we learned to label every part of speech in a sentence! Who else remembers The Shurley Method?? I still use tidbits from it to help my students with grammar. Although grammar is very interesting and comes easy to me, it is not always the same for my students. I am always looking and trying different techniques to help them grasp the grammar content we are learning.

This past week we were learning prepositions and prepositional phrases! I had heard another teacher mention using the “bunny and the log” technique for a hands-on approach. Whatever the bunny (fake, of course) can do to the log is most likely a preposition. For example: the bunny can jump over the log, under the log, on top of the log, across the log, etc. Those are all prepositional phrases and they begin with prepositions. The “log” could be empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls. Since I didn’t have enough time to come up with 26 toilet or paper towel rolls, I had to improvise and it turned out really cute! Since it’s almost Easter, Dollar General (or any other store) is loaded down with bunny rabbits and of course Easter eggs. I found some really cute, colorful bunnies and eggs!

IMG_1019My students just loved getting to explore and find out everything their bunny can do to their egg!

IMG_1020IMG_1021We wrote down all of the things we discovered the bunny could do.


After that, the students created a story about their bunny and their egg and added prepositional phrases! I loved hearing the awesome stories my students came up with! We all agreed that prepositional phrases add sooo much detail to your sentences!

Teachers, what are some strategies that you have used to teach prepositions?!

Happy teaching!



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