March Favorites

Jess’s Favorites

For fun, here are some of my favorite songs right now:

One Direction-Night Changes (Don’t judge me, they are charming and their music is catchy.)

Sia-Chandelier (I know this isn’t new, but I love it.)

Madewell Leather Pouch Wallet

I have had a Vera Bradley coin pouch forever and it was on its last thread. I used it to store all of my cards and money. Sure it got a little cramped inside and was way heavier and bigger than it should have been, but I liked that everything I needed was in that one pouch, and I could pull it out of my purse with ease. Yes, you can easily pull out a checkbook-size wallet with the same ease and grace without having all of your belongings cramped into one space, but for some reason, I like the small pouch… however ill-guided it maybe. Therefore, without further rambling, I give you the Madewell leather pouch wallet. I bought it a few weeks ago at the store and love it. I must confess I have been coveting their leather transport tote for some time now, but I figured I would start small and work my way up. Allow me a quick anecdote regarding the purchase of this item. Did you know you could also have these leather goods monogrammed? Every southern girls dream. And how does every southern girl get their names monogrammed onto their desired item? By the first, last, then middle initial system, right?! Not at Madewell. Since the monogrammed letters are all the same size, you arrange it first, middle, and then last initial (something to keep in mind if you order…you’re welcome). I made the mistake of writing it down in the first, last, middle sequence, then had to quickly re-write it, as I was a novice to this new form of initial writing but didn’t want to appear incompetent (I had it pointed out to me that how I originally wrote it was the “southern” way). Anyways, I can fit all of my necessary cards and cash with ease into this pouch. It is a little bit bigger than the Vera Bradley pouch, but I appreciate the extra room. Furthermore, I find it to be a pretty stylish piece to add to my purse! Right now, you can buy the pouch for $25 and monogramming is an extra $10. It took about two weeks to ship to my home from the store, but shipping was free.

IMG_0143 IMG_0144

Kate Spade Bow Ring

As I have pointed out before, I do not wear much in terms of accessories. However, there is one ring that I have found that I do wear quite a bit. I discovered this piece about two Christmases ago, and my dad actually bought it for me (so nice). This Kate Spade ring is cute, dainty, and has my favorite decorative piece on it… the bow. There are actually a few different styles of this bow ring, but I opted for the gold, jeweled bow and I could not be happier! It goes with everything and has the right amount of flash. However, I am sad to report that I cannot find it anymore on the Kate Spade website. It ran about $48. I did find a few bow rings on Amazon that you can view here. Kate Spade also has a few cute rings that you can view here and here.

IMG_0148  IMG_0160

Crosley Turntable and Taylor Swift Record

I have wanted a record player for a longtime now. I understand we all live in year 2015 and music can be played on our phones, but I just like the simplicity and timelessness of the record player. Plus, it’s fun rummaging around in music and bookstores for vinyls. I also received the turntable for Christmas a year ago and it was magical. We had so much fun listening to it. The record player has built-in speakers, a headphone jack, and its portable.  My sweet sister bought me my latest record a few weeks ago, which was (drum roll) Taylor Swift! I am really on the T-Swift bandwagon right now. She’s killing it. Anyways, the record player can be bought at various prices depending on where you buy it and the type you buy. Here is a cute turntable for $79. This floral record player is so awesome, but it is a little more expensive. Furthermore, records can also be bought at varying prices as well. The Taylor Swift vinyl was $24.

IMG_0151                 IMG_0152
IMG_0153               IMG_0155


Here are some of my favorite vinyls. From top left clockwise: Permanent Vacation/Aerosmith, Escape/Journey, Born in the U.S.A./Bruce Springsteen, Rumours/Fleetwood Mac, Bigger Than Both of Us/Hall and Oats, Heart/Heart, The Breakfast Club/Various Artist

What are some of your favorites of the month?


Ashley’s Favorites

Like Jess, I am also digging Sia. Her song “Breathe Me” always plays on my Pandora Station and I love it!

Dan Auerbach-When the Night Comes (I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it play on Friday Night Lights during the episode when Tim Riggins goes to jail. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.)

Lucky Brand Hoop Earrings

My first favorite is an oldie but goodie. I am still obsessed with my Lucky Brand Hoop Cross Earrings. One of my best friends and her mom gave me a pair of these one summer and I am still wearing them most every day. It probably seems like I only own one pair of earrings, but they just go with everything! Confession: I actually lost one cross earring one time and could not find it to save my life. So, naturally, I ordered another pair. Turns out it was all meant to be, because I was able to give my other lonely cross to my mom, who had also misplaced one of hers.


Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray

I love Urban Decay products, especially this one. Seriously, this spray has changed my life. I rarely have time to check my make up or hair (or even use the bathroom for that matter) at school due to our busy/crazy schedule. I’m sure most teachers understand. Before using this spray, when I finally looked at myself in a mirror at the end of the school day, I felt like it looked as if I didn’t even have any makeup on! It just magically drained off my face. Now after using this spray for well over a year, I don’t have to worry about my makeup smudging off or my face being oily. No touch-ups needed! My makeup stays put all day and it’s one less thing I have to worry about during my school day! There are a few to choose from, but I got the “oil-controlled” spray after talking with the makeup consultant at Sephora. Tips: Hold spray about 8-10 inches away from your face. Apply before foundation and after. Spray across the face in an “X” shape and then in a “T” shape. The cost is $30 and it is well worth it. I have had mine for over a year now and I still have a good bit left. It is a MUST buy!


Happy Friday!



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