History Apps

As a social studies teacher, it can be kind of difficult to find history apps for students to use in the classroom. However, the technology specialist/English language arts teacher at my school has rounded up a few that are interesting and enjoyable for students! These apps range from fun facts to supplemental for a lesson.


Bet You Didn’t Know from HISTORY This app offers fun facts about human civilization. Students can also watch videos and examine images from the History Channel series: MANKIND Story of All of Us. Use for: ancient history


Presidents PRO– This app gives interesting facts about the United States presidents. It also offers a game to help students learn the order of the presidents! Personally, I think it is important to understand the order (it helps me keep historical facts straight). Use for: U.S. history


History Maps– Students can examine different interactive historical and geographical maps. From the application description: “access to maps past and present [can allow] users… [to] watch how borders and projections shift over time.” Use for: geography, U.S. history


Smithsonian– Students can explore different Smithsonian collections, listen to podcasts, and watch videos. This app allows students to see more closely what the Smithsonian museums are working towards preserving. Use for: U.S. history, ancient history


History Today– This app offers a historical event or facts that happened that day in history. This app can help supplement a lesson, or be used as an opener for a U.S. history class. The app also has pictures, birthdays, and quotes. Use for: U.S. history


National Archives– Through this app, students can explore and analyze various historical documents, letters, and photos such as the Declaration of Independence or the Zimmerman Telegram. Use for: U.S. history, civics, government

Which history apps do you use in your classroom? Has anyone tried these apps?



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