Thursday Book Talk: The Girl on the Train

My mother is a regular Sherlock Holmes. I swear, whether we are watching the “Olivia kidnapping episode” on Scandal or reading a mystery novel, she can always figure out who did it. And it enfuriates me. It isn’t that I am not proud of her genius. I am. But, I just can never figure it out before her (if I can even figure it out at all).

Olivia's kidnapper

My mom claims she knew it was him “within five minutes”… Yeah, okay, mom.

*picture source

So, when I started reading The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins, I was determined to figure out the “who done it?” factor before her. I think I faired pretty well. I got about three-fourths of the way through when it hit me. And out of courtesy to those who have yet to read it, I’ll keep it to myself. My mother, on the other hand, figured it out one-fourth of the way through! I give up.

It has been said that if you like Gone Girl, you will like The Girl on the Train. The latter is a twisty and engrossing read; however, I found myself early on not liking any of the main characters. The novel switches between the points-of-view of three women. Rachel, the book’s first main character, has many problems, as her life has “gone downhill” before the novel even starts. It is so hard to get on her side because she doesn’t seem to do anything to really help her situation. The second woman, Megan, comes off very manipulative and irresponsible. While Anna, the last woman, is very self-involved. Even though this novel contains women who are less-than-likable, it does deliever in providing a mystery that is fun for the “detective in you” to try to solve.


How did you like The Girl on the Train?



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