Guest Post: An Easy, Delicious Recipe

My sister, Jackie, is offering one of her go-to recipes for teachers who do not have a lot of time. But, let’s get real, who does? Enjoy!


As a special education teacher, who runs around all day, I am always looking for recipes that make my life easier. During the winter months, my go-to appliance in the kitchen is my crock pot. Since I live alone, I despise cooking for myself. Recently, I had a few guests to help me eat my meal (you will get a preview below).

The night before I cook I go to Publix to get any meat I may need and additional ingredients. I then brown all the sides in the skillet and place it in the crockpot to leave in the refrigerator overnight. After getting ready for school the next morning, I get my crockpot out, plug it up, turn it on low, and pour the ranch dip, Au Jus Gravy mix, and butter on top of the roast. I start it at 7:00 AM and the recipe calls for 8 hours on low. When I get home from school around 3:30, my roast looks perfect and ready to eat. Since I do not eat until later, I turn my crockpot on warm to keep it hot until it is time to dig in!


1. Eye of Round (Oven Roast)

  eye round

2. 1pkg. of Ranch Dressing Mix


3. 1pkg. of Au Jus Gravy (McCormick)


4. 1/2 stick of butter

5. 1 bag of golden round potatoes





The sweetest guest:



Isla and I

Isla and I



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