Thursday Book Talk: Shot From Taw

Have you ever read a book that was so compelling that you felt like a better person for just reading it? I was completely amazed when I read David Austin’s persevering life story, Shot From Taw. The book is filled with highs and lows that captures all human experiences. The best part is seeing David’s mentality throughout every part of his life. I still find myself using situations or themes from the book as a guide for my life and my experiences, whether they be good or bad. This book is definitely something I consider uplifting in my life.

I had the opportunity to interview David who is actually a local in my hometown. I have known his family for some time now.  He is very intriguing, wise, and not to mention talented! After talking with him, I discovered he is a gifted painter who also comes from a very talented family. Singing, painting, writing, playing an instrument; you name it, someone from that family can probably do it. I’d say the genetics are strong in the Austin family. 

  Interview with David Austin (pen name, Austin K. Austin), author of Shot From Taw

Ashley: Tell me a little about yourself and why you chose to write this book. 
Austin: I am a person who is somewhat of an observer. I have an interest in watching episodes of my life and others lives unfold, and the results that happen. Writing has been an interest of mine since I was a teenager. My favorite classic author is Ernest Hemingway, but I have enjoyed many authors through the years. This might sound trite, but I did not choose to write this book it chose me to write it. Granted the chapters are mostly about me and my experiences, but they all have the same overriding themes weaving throughout each. One that I feel the most about is THINK. As I go through life, I am amazed at what can be deduced from seemingly minor occurrences. If people will learn to think and ponder what is happening around them then the tendency toward a banal existence where people just follow people not knowing why will cease. We need to always take the time and effort to look behind the curtain. Another powerful theme is that life is always happening for a reason and it cannot have happened any other way than the way it happens. Think about it. Meditate on it. Ponder it. Get over it. Then look forward as you move forward. Learn and then live. If you can grasp the themes of my book and think about them, then you should be able to have some peace within as you go day to day in life.
Ashley: Can you elaborate a little more on what the title of your book means?  
AustinThe title, Shot From Taw, is a term that was used in the game of marbles. I have never heard it used by anyone else in all of my life. It must be just a saying by my mother’s family. In short it means, if you have not shot from taw then you are still inexperienced in life or another saying is “wet behind the ears.” You are still childlike in your thinking.
Ashley:What was the easiest thing about writing your book? 
Austin:The book was very easy to write. I did not plan it or think about it. I just started writing one day and did not stop until it was over.
Ashley:What was the hardest thing about writing your book? 
Austin: Deciding to publish it. I did not know if I really wanted anybody else to read it.
Ashley: Which actor would you like to see playing the lead character (you) from your book for a film? 
Austin: John Wayne of course. He could be digitally recreated.
Ashley: What authors and books do you enjoy reading? 
Austin: Many through my years. Too many to start a list because I would not know where to end it. Nowadays I find myself with only a desire to read and study the bible. It happens to be a very good book if you THINK.
Ashley: How can readers discover more about you and your work?
Austin: Click here or visit my Facebook page at Shot From Taw

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