Thursday Book Talk: Sweet Valley

Disclaimer: This post does contain spoilers!

I have mixed feelings as I write this post. This series is one that I have loved (as I am sure a lot of women can relate) and still remain to do so to this day; yet, for about two years, I have also been enraged by it, as you will come to know why. When I was young, I adored reading the Sweet Valley Kids series. I loved reading about the lives of the twins, and felt a special kindred to the studious Elizabeth Wakefield. In middle school, I read Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High (that Francine Pascal knew what she was doing, so many books!). I loved it. So, it excited me a few years ago when I discovered Sweet Valley Confidential and The Sweet Life. Confidential goes ten years into the future when the twins are adults. The Sweet Life is a few years after Confidential with the twins being in their thirties. The Sweet Life is actually six stories about the lives of the twins and their friends and the crazy events that happen. Jessica and Todd are now together and are married. Remember, Todd was Elizabeth’s long-time boyfriend (Yes, I was as baffled as you are right about now). Elizabeth is now with Bruce Patman, who was a “rich snob” in high school. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Since you know that Elizabeth is my favorite, you probably guess that I was rooting for her story line to have a happy ending. Boy, was I wrong. At the end of the sixth book of The Sweet Life, it leaves on a cliffhanger as Bruce confesses his love for another woman! End scene, cue rage from Jessica. I was beside myself. First, Elizabeth loses her boyfriend to her twin, then her new boyfriend ends up loving another! I can’t even. It enrages me even writing this. Even though I have my problems with the ending, I do recommend to those who love the Sweet Valley books to read this series. Personally, I love finding out what happens to my favorite characters from books and television, so if you’re the same, you won’t be disappointed (unless you’re an Elizabeth fan).

picture from Amazon

picture from Amazon

picture from Sweet Valley Confidential website

picture from Sweet Valley Confidential website

Who else loves the Sweet Valley series? Anyone read Sweet Valley Confidential and was as devastated as myself?



6 thoughts on “Thursday Book Talk: Sweet Valley

  1. Myra Austin says:

    Well Jess the “grown-up” Twins sounds a little sad I agree. We still have a shelf full of the original series in our library , still engaging many 4th grade girls. Most likely the actual books you checked out !


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