Do You Know Dojo? 

To start off your Monday….

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Jimmy Fallon says it best! Mondays are EW!! Do yourself a favor and go watch Jimmy Fallon as “Sara” in some of the funniest skits ever. I love Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show! I have it set to record on my DVR every night and just watch the episodes when I can. For those of you who do watch- I mean when he did the “Saved by the Bell” skit-wow! Pumpkin truck, his and Emma Stone’s lip sync battle, his BFF relationship with Justin Timberlake. I could go on and on. What are some of your favorite skits or sayings from Jimmy Fallon? Happy Monday! EW! And for your viewing pleasure click here.

Hello fellow teachers! Question: Do you know Dojo? Class Dojo, that is! 

What is it? 
Class Dojo is an awesome POSITIVE behavior management system to use in the classroom. I have tried several different systems that have worked fairly well, but I keep coming back to Class Dojo. It encourages students, engages parents in their child’s behavior (positive and negative), is easy to incorporate in the classroom and it is FREE! 
How do I sign up for it? 
Go to and sign up as a teacher. Download the (free) app once you have signed up. You will create your class name (or names if you have more than one class) and then enter your students’ names. The cool thing about when you create your class and their names is each student will have their own little monster beside their name (that they can go in and edit once they have signed up for Dojo if you choose) and they love it! Class Dojo will create student and parent sign up codes for you with info about Class Dojo and how it works. All you do is print them off and send home. I had my all of my students sign up in class. Very easy and self explanatory. Students can log in and check their behavior daily. Once parents sign up, they are able to see how their child is doing. You can also message parents as a group or individually. I also have the app on my phone and it is very easy to use. 
How do I make it work in my classroom?
Class Dojo has pre-made positive and negative behaviors on there for you already. Over time I have added some of my own that work for my class (working well in small groups, centers, completed homework, parent signature, etc). You can give them points as a class as well as individually. Be sure to have your volume up on your computer (or whichever device you are using) so that when you give (or take away) points the students can hear it. Sometimes I may not say anything at all when I give out (or take away) points. You will be amazed at what the students do, or stop doing, when they hear sounds of points being given or taken away. You could even pull it up on your smart board if you have one.
IMG_0652If your class comes in quietly or walks down the hall quietly- award them a point for that. If they have homework completed, working hard on an assignment, helping others, etc, give points for that. While I do give a good amount of whole group points, I also focus on individuals as well. This really gets the students’ attention. I may say, ” Sally is working really hard on her center work. She is getting a point. Thank you, Sally.” At that moment, any students that are off task WILL try and do the same as Sally because they want that point too. I have had to tell mine not to ask for points though. They need to be able to follow directions, sit quietly, complete an assignment, etc., on their own and feel good about it without asking for a point in every situation. As a teacher, you do have to train yourself to always pay attention and look for those good behaviors and reward them. You do have to be consistent with this for it to work.  
How do I use Class Dojo with or in addition to our class clip chart?
Good news! You can use Class Dojo and any other behavior management system you were using before such as a behavior clip chart. When students get a point or certain number of points, they move their clip up. When students lose a point or certain number of points, they move their clip down. You can decide your own system and adjust it to where it works for you and your students. I also found an awesome student behavior tracking sheet off of Teachers Pay Teachers (best teacher website EVER). Students keep up with their points for the week. They set a goal and if they reach it by the end of the week, they get a ticket from me and their name goes into the drawing for a prize! Students love getting tickets! There are also several other reward systems that you can use. Just do whatever works for you! 

If you are not using Class Dojo already, try it! It works for any age K-12! I have known high school teachers to use it in their classes and it worked for them!

Happy teaching!



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