February Favorites

Lily and I ventured out a tad today. She is anti-snow and after our third snow day, I am too. It is nice having a break from school, but I am ready to get back to my students and a day-to-day schedule. Very thankful for this time, though!



I did not go out into the snow this time. But,  I took several pictures of my dog enjoying the snow from far away. He loved it. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the snow from the comfort of my couch. The time off has been nice; however, I am ready to get back to a daily routine and my students. I think they have forgotten what I look like! Plus, it will be nice to have a reason to put on real pants again.



Jess’s Favorites


I first heard of Maybooks a few months ago after viewing The College Prepster’s blog. She mentioned how she uses them for notes, so I had to go check them out. Maybooks are small, simplistic notebooks to help keep you organized. What’s great about them is you can personalize them, as well as, choose from different formats to fit your needs. They have tons of templates, color schemes, and monogramming to choose from, so the possibilities are endless. Maybook formats include regular notebooks, academic agendas, budget planners, meal planners, and even coloring books for the kids! They also came out with stationery. You can order you own personalized notecards, or you can buy single cards for the holidays! I personally have the notebook and budget planner. They usually run around $19, give or take a few bucks depending on the type of book you choose. However, they do have sales on occasion, so you could catch it on the cheap! Below is the academic agenda, notebook, and budget planner with pictures of the insides, respectively.


IMG_0317 IMG_0320 IMG_0321 IMG_0322

Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay

I wrote yesterday how I love Mindy Kaling and her work. She actually used to have a website where she posted products she loved and wrote about them (it’s still there but the products are gone). I was obsessed. I am not ashamed to say that I have bought at least two things because they had her backing. One item was an all-pink Adidas running shoes and the other was the Naked Eyeshadow Palette. Now, when I used to buy my shadow, I would only buy single colors. I never really understood why I would need that many colors in one palette. Well, one explanation from Mindy and I just knew I had to have it. You can create many looks from the shades and they all go together so well. Plus, when you travel, you have the colors all in one compact. My mom actually surprised me with the Naked 2 one Christmas and I absolutely love it. I will probably never go back to buying single colors. I have had the Naked 2 for about two years now. I know there is controversy over how long a person should keep certain makeup products; however, I wear contacts and have super sensitive skin, and I have not had any problems with this makeup. However, I have had to buy a single shade from Urban Decay to replace a brown color that I use all of the time. I tend to stick with neutral shades when I do my eyes, and this palette has the prettiest shades of brown and grey! My sister bought me the Naked 3 for Christmas last year and it has just as equally pretty shades of pink! This palette runs for $54 at Sephora and the Urban Decay website. I know this seems exorbitant, but I think how long it lasts and the color options make up for it.


Ashley’s Favorites


 My absolute favorite thing right now is my Fitbit Charge that I got for Christmas from my awesome boyfriend! Like, I can’t leave the house without wearing it. The only time I take it off is to bathe. It keeps up with the steps you take, calories burned, distance, and floors climbed. It also has the date and time, so I rarely wear a watch anymore. Plus, it has caller ID! It will vibrate and show the caller’s name or number! All you do is download the (free) Fitbit app, and it will sync everything to your phone. The app keeps up with your sleep activity, active minutes, and you can even add in your calorie intake, start a food plan AND connect with friends who have a Fitbit as well! The possibilities are endless! My students at school are always asking me, “How many steps have you taken today? How many miles have you gone so far today?” It’s pretty amazing at the number of steps I take just at school. They always like to hear my stats. 

Now, you do need to know that if you are on a treadmill, or a machine that you need to hold on to while being active, the Fitbit will not keep up with your stats (learned that from a fellow friend who also has a Fitbit). However, all you have to do is attach it to your shoe. So, when I go to my spin class, I simply clasp it through one of my velcro straps on my spin shoes and ta-da! I’m good to go! To make things even better, I posted a link below that shows ways of how to earn some money just for having a Fitbit or any other activity tracker device! You’re welcome! 


Seriously my best friend. Can’t live without it. This thing has changed my life (well, mostly my hair). Curling irons worked “okay” on my hair, but, ironically, the curls would never hold when I used one. My hair is naturally curly. I’ve always hated it. Anyone else out there with naturally curly hair will understand. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “Is your hair naturally curly?” or my fave, “Do you have a brush I could use?” The answers are: “unfortunately, yes.” and “nope, never really had a reason to own one.” Can you imagine what a bunch of curls would look like if you took a brush to them?! Well, it wouldn’t be very attractive I’ll tell you that. I think the saying, “people always want what they can’t have” went very well for my hair. People always seem to want my curly hair but I want their straight hair! Well, now that my wand is in my life, I can say that the saying no longer applies to me. Oh, AND mine isn’t even a big expensive one. Mine was actually my sister’s that she let me use one time, and I just never gave it back. Pretty sure it came from Wal-mart. It’s at least a couple years old and still going strong! Hail to the wand! 🙌Here she is! It comes with a glove but I only used it maybe twice. I’ve only burned myself maybe once. I’m a pro now.



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